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Metro Dancers Presents

Alice In Wonderland, May 4-1, 2017


Ever wish you could be someone else for a day? So do Isabelle and Damis and what ensues is a funny, mad-cap farce of disguises and mistaken identities that everyone will enjoy.

This lively comic ballet features the lush music of Glazunov.  Set in the splendor of an Italian villa, the production is full of fun and surprises.  Dancers, actors, jugglers, and magicians bring this humorous story to life.  Everybody will enjoy the antics of Isabelle and Damis--betrothed strangers disguising themselves to avoid marriage.  This ballet is appropriate for all ages of students from Kindergarten on up. 


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The Story of Les Ruses D'Amour
Long ago, when parents chose the person whom their children would marry, the betrothed frequently did not meet until the day of their wedding. Isabelle and Damis find themselves in this position. Their families have already signed the marriage contract, and once signed, it cannot be broken without serious consequences.  Isabelle and Damis are each reluctant to marry someone they’ve never met, and so they each decide independently to disguise themselves, hoping to avoid the wedding. The resulting confusion sets the stage for some delightfully absurd situations when everybody believes that they have fallen in love with somebody that they will not be able to marry.  The wedding continues as planned, with the heavily veiled bride sobbing her way up the aisle, only to find that the groom is the man that she has fallen in love with after all! All ends happily in a comic double wedding.


The History of Les Ruses d’Amour

Russian composer Alexander Glazunov wrote Les Ruses d’Amour to be performed at the Hermitage Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia during 1900.  The original choreography was by Marius Petipa.  As masters of their respective arts, they created a charming production that should have become very popular.  However, the ballet premiered during an unsettled time of Russian history and did not receive the benefit of continued performances.  Much of the original choreography has been lost, but through the talents of gifted choreographers, Metro Dancers has created a vibrant restaging of Les Ruses d’Amour, and brought this wonderful story back to our audiences.

Comments About Metro Dancers' Productions
School Performances

Please, please put us on your mailing list for next year.I could not believe how totally involved my students were.

Wow!Everything was just first-rate from the teacher information to the performance.Even the macho boys enjoyed it.

The production values far surpassed my expectations.This group of performers is outstanding.The students talked about it all the way back to school.Great job!

Some of my students had never seen a ballet before.Even the boys who try to be tough and cool were fascinated.

Once the program began, my students didn't even move until the end.That says a great deal.Thanks also for the music CD to help the kids become familiar with the score.They were humming the tunes for weeks after.

The ballet was wonderful.Many of my students said it was the best field trip they had ever been on.

We felt that it was “just right” as an introduction to an art form that many of our students were unfamiliar with.

It was wonderful!A great experience for everyone!The pre-performance presentation was extremely important.It helped the kids get excited about it.

Public Performances

A first-class production. The choreography, the costumes and the performance were just unbelievable.

I had never seen this ballet before and found it absolutely enchanting. What fun!

I came back for a second time with more friends because it was so well done. I was so impressed with how professional even the youngest dancers were on stage.

I brought my whole family to this, even my sports enthusiast husband and everyone found it entertaining and exciting to watch.